Earnings on cryptocurrency

A newcomer who once decided to make money on a cryptocurrency differs from an experienced participant in the level of knowledge about strategies and schemes for such earnings. Fortunately, the latter actively share information and give practical advice to ignorant people, which gives a chance to raise the level of income for almost everyone who wishes. In the Internet, you can find a variety of ideas, strategies and life hacking, spending a lot of time searching and studying. The most structured information about well-known strategies, tested by more than one trader and investor.

1. Buying several coins of different types and making money by changing their price, by buying and exchanging.

To earn on cryptocurrency in any way you need to buy it. There are sites containing lists of all existing coins of cryptocurrencies, which are lined up depending on their popularization in this market, demand and supply for them, and, accordingly, their value growth. It also reflects the dynamics of the cost of each unit for a certain period of time, including one day.

Traditionally, the first rows are occupied by well-known coins – Bitcoin, broadcast, lightweight, Bitcoin cash and others. This means that they are in great demand; the greater the number of transactions that occur with their participation, the greater will be their value. Therefore, experienced participants, in order to gain more income, recommend acquiring them.

So, to the strategy. In order to be able to earn money without the risk of losing investments, it is recommended to purchase not one, but at least ten worth of coins, + 1, for ease of use of the strategy. These will be coins from the list, located under the numerical values ​​from 1 to 11 inclusive.

Next, you need to keep them in your own, designed for them, electronic wallet (wallets), until one of the coins from the list decreases, and another unit rises in its place. Then you should get rid of the coin that left the list and buy it to replace it, that is, sell the coin that left the list and buy the one that took its place.

This is a sign of the growth rate of the new coin in the list, and after a while, when the demand for it increases, its capitalization increases, it will have a much higher value than the one that can be purchased from the moment it hits the top ten. There it will vary within certain numbers, constantly growing in price. The difference and make up the income.

For example, the well-known Bitcoin cash coin, which has a rate of, within, $ 132, until recently cost about $ 8.

The list is constantly updated, and at the moment when any type of cryptocurrency falls in price and goes out of it, you just need to sell the currency and purchase the one that comes in the list.

Thus, it is possible that a previously acquired coin at a relatively low price, for example, for $ 10, sold for one with which it leaves out of the dozen, $ 100, and put a difference on the purchase of a new coin in the list, the cost of which has not yet grown net income.

At the same time, it is not necessary to first buy a multiple of 1, it is enough to invest in each of them, for example, $ 100.

2. Buying the first 10 top cryptocurrency coins.

A strategy that is much easier than the first one described, which does not require large investor knowledge, the implementation of any actions, and the implementation of forecasting. Due to the fact that bitcoin, ether and altcoins, which are in the top ten of cryptocurrencies, have a large capitalization, their course will definitely fall down. In this case, losing on one of the types of cryptocurrency, which fall in price, in a certain period, it is possible to earn on those whose course at this time is growing.

3. Mining of cryptocurrency coins using mining.

In this case, it is necessary to invest fiat money not directly into the cryptocurrency itself, but into the equipment with which it will be used to extract its coins. This process is called mining.

Its essence is to provide cryptocurrency computing power that solves the problems of functioning and security that it faces. The equipment used by cryptocurrency to obtain these capacities are computer processors, video cards, special equipment for mining coins. For their provision, the owners of this equipment are remunerated in the form of cryptocurrency coins which are mined.

Due to the complexity of mining large-capital coins, it is recommended to mine new cryptocurrency coins on the simplest equipment.

Traders tips:

1. Carefully examine the cryptocurrency exchange.

For the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, there are many different exchanges. For this it is necessary to go to the website of the exchange and make the desired operation. At exchanges one can not only acquire and sell cryptocurrency for fiat money (rubles, dollars, euros), but also change one unit of cryptocurrency to others. 

When choosing a stock exchange, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of cryptocurrency units sold, the number of crypto-coin pairs that can be exchanged, the availability of withdrawal and deposit of fiat money, the possibility of transfers to a bank card, the amount of commission and the obligation to pay the parties, the presence of additional bonuses.

2. Invest in free money cryptocurrency.

Due to the volatility of any type of cryptocurrency, changes in supply and demand, the price (rate) for them is constantly changing, so there are risks of incurring losses or waiting for several years until income increases. In order not to get financial difficulties by investing the latest money in the cryptocurrency, some experts recommend buying the cryptocurrency for as much money as it is not a pity to lose.

But this does not mean that such investments are doomed to failure. Rather, uncertainty is present due to the inability to accurately predict the development of a particular coin in the market. To its owners, it can bring as an increase in income at times, as well as a waste of money.

3. Have a high stress resistance.

Different methods of mining cryptocurrency and strategies did not appear because of a clear and easy way to get them. However, people who once invested their insignificant funds in Bitcoin, received considerable capital, which is associated with an increase in its value. And although its further fate is not determined, it remains the leader in the market, despite the rapid decline in price for 2018. The appearance of the Altcoins, who have, in comparison with him, low cost does not exclude the repetition of his path. However, it is not known what difficulties the coin will face and what the formation schedule will show.

It is absolutely safe to store cryptocurrency on your personal wallet.

The system provides a completely safe way to store investments, in the form of cryptocurrencies, on electronic wallets. All mined or purchased coins belong only to the person personally, the actions performed. The wallet has a private key, which, in fact, is the password to access it. Such a wallet is quite difficult to crack, and only the coin owner who knows the key has access to it.

Earnings strategies on cryptocurrencies have not been new for a long time; they were once developed by someone and are transferred as valuable knowledge from advanced users to beginners.