Earnings on the Internet on the quarantine of the COVID-19 virus

Form for the results of medical tests of the coronavirus COVID 19.

Misfortune never comes alone. Not only are you at risk of contracting the new COVID -19 virus, you are also at risk of absolute lack of money during self-isolation in quarantine. But everything is fixable, if you listen to some tips.

Try making money online

There are different types of this way to earn a living. For example, you can become an author and write articles. To do this, open the best copywriting exchanges in your browser and get down to business. Some people like to write poetry, so why not use talent?

Start taking pictures, start creating vector graphics, illustrations, this product will always be in demand on microstock. Indeed, quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic provides you with a lot of free time and opportunities to discover new talents or long forgotten ones. Occupation with vector graphics, photography, illustration will give you the opportunity to study to study the Illustrator, Photoshop programs that you will always find useful.

Create a site where you will spread creativity. Over time, when regular readers appear, you can make money on advertising. People who have a website can make money on it.

Open the channel on YouTube if you are gifted with abilities. Maybe you are a good seamstress? Then your master classes will be very useful for many beginner tailors! Some post videos with their beds where ordinary onions, carrots or potatoes grow. Share your tips and you will get a lot of visits, and the channel will certainly reward you!

Use skills

Perhaps you like to knit. Moms on maternity knit clothes for babies, which makes good money. Have you long dreamed of writing a novel or your own biography? Then now is the time to write books! Or maybe you are a good gardener? Then your harvest will be a start to financial profit. Those who want to earn money repair household appliances, sew shoes, sell vegetables, fruits, that is, use their skills. Well, do not sit hungry in such a crisis?

Sell ​​unnecessary things

For example, your children grew up a long time ago, and there are left unworn clothes that you are sorry to throw away. Take photos of things and upload photos to sales sites. Other mothers will be interested in your ad, and sliders with vests will definitely be bought! Just do not forget to indicate the size of things. The more detailed the description, the more understandable to customers what clothes are. Many sell stale skis, skates, rollers and so on.

An active person will never be left without a livelihood even while sitting in quarantine. The above tips are just some of the recommendations that will help you survive the COVID – 19 virus pandemic.

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