Earnings on the site

Earnings on the site

Today, every day people create websites so that they bring them income. Most people who conceived to create their own website or already have it, ask: “How can I make money on it?”. It is about how to make money on your site and will be discussed in this article.

What income can I get?

It is difficult to name a specific number, because everything depends on the subject of the site, its attendance and user activity on it. Experts highlight the following important aspects:

• Instead of making money from several small sites, it’s better to have one large.

• In the first year you can not “load” your site with third-party links, otherwise search engines may block it.

• Even in the development process, you need to allocate space for advertising.

• In the top menu of the site place an offer with advertising on this resource.

Contextual advertising

This method is concluded in that the owner of an Internet resource places an advertisement on it and receives money for users clicking on it. The income of the site is directly proportional to its subject matter, therefore, its choice must be approached very responsibly. Sites about real estate, construction and cars are the most paid back.

First you need to register your site in Google Adsense and Yandex Direct . After that, you will be given a special code. It must be placed on the place where the advertisement will be located. It can be absolutely any place – under the header, in articles, in the sidebar, etc. It is worth noting that in order to advertise on your website in Yandex you need to have attendance of 500 users per day, Google has no restrictions.


A banner is a picture with an advertisement, when clicked on which the site owner also receives income by the user. In addition, payment in this case can also be made for shows to users, that is, the more people see it, the greater the income. The requirement for placing one thing – at least 100 users should visit the site per day. It is necessary to take into account the fact that most users have programs that block advertising on the Internet.

Partnership programs

To make money in this way, you need to register on sites that offer your product, and get a link. By placing such a link on its Internet resource, its owner will receive payment for the fact that users will follow this link and buy the product. This method can be a good source of passive income, only you need to post links to reliable and high-quality goods.

Other ways to make money

Above were considered the main ways of earning, which are used by site owners, and below will be briefly told about several options for generating income from their resource.

• Paid content – posting articles from time to time on your site, access to which the user can get only if he pays a certain fee.

• Video posting – some sites pay for watching videos. To do this, you need to place a video on your site, and each viewing will bring 0.3-0.5 rubles.

• Infobusiness – selling training lessons or services on your site. For example, on the site about earnings you can release a video on this topic.

So, in this article it was told about the main ways of earning on your site. It is necessary to act with care, but not to try all the ways of earning at once. There are really a lot of options for earning on your website, and this is one of the most popular ways of earning income on the Internet.