For starters, it’s better to define freelancing and explain what it is and why it is so popular. Freelance came to us from the USA and Western Europe at the beginning of the XIX century, the word freelance means “free worker”. It used to be the name of all employees who were arranged “for the season”, now the freelancer is a person who works mainly on the Internet.

Types of freelancing:


This is a type of freelancing that involves writing articles, reviews, reviews and other texts. Copywriting includes rewriting, copywriting, translations and SEO copywriting. All of these sections have some differences and common features.


This is writing articles, reviews and other texts based on already written. The main task of rewriting is to rewrite the read information in your own words, thereby making the article unique. In fact, this is one of the easiest types of freelancing, however, even it requires some skills from the performer. A prerequisite for working with a rewriter is an excellent knowledge of the Russian language, the rules of grammar and spelling. In addition, responsibility and punctuality is also important, since Articles must be submitted at a certain time.


It is one step higher than rewriting, both in complexity and in price of earnings. It involves writing articles without source material, the use of the Internet is permissible. However, the written article should be completely new, unique, not like any other. Copywriting also requires knowledge of the rules of grammar and spelling, in addition, you need to be proficient in the word.

SEO copywriting

This is a special kind of copywriting, which, among other conditions, requires additional conditions. First, the keys should be present in such an article, and, moreover, not just stumbled anywhere, but competently distributed in the text and diluted in other words. Such articles should be particularly readable and perceived by the target audience.


This type of freelancing is not for everyone, in order to translate texts, whether technical or literary, there must be a very good knowledge of the language. Translation from Google translator will not work, do not even try.

Graphics and design

One of the most popular types of freelance services. Perfect for creative people.

Web designer

In order to engage in web design does not require special education, only the very minimum of knowledge and skills. The skill of using Photoshop and patience. You have to draw and create design sites, come up with different designs and a lot of work for the WEB.


Do you like to draw? Do you know how to do this? Fine! Get ready to turn your hobby into a job. Artists are required everywhere, without exaggeration. Illustration of newspapers, the creation of advertising design, animation of computer games and applications for a smartphone – all this requires high-quality implementation.

Designer of printing

Business cards, advertising booklets, pages of fashion magazines – everything that requires creative work will not remain without good pay. Customers are willing to pay good performers for high-quality drawings and interesting design. This profession is quite demanded and highly paid, however, it requires some professionalism and experience.

Social networks

If you do not have any special skills, only basic use of the Internet, but you still want to earn money, then questionnaires and Yandex Toloka are a great option for you. On Yandex Toloka, you will have to evaluate the quality of pictures, look for dubbed images, compare websites, etc., which even a first grader can do. Earnings here are pretty good, if you give your work 2 hours a day a week, you can earn 500-700 rubles a week. The big plus there is that the tasks have a price in cents and dollars, so that, when transferred to the card, the amount wins on the difference in the course.

To summarize: you only have to choose a job because of your skills and degree of employment, as well as what you would be interested in and not too lazy to do. On the Internet there is a job for everyone, whether it be an artist or a poet or just a person who is ready to work routinely and diligently.