microstock images

Many people on the shelves in the closet dust cameras. Some actively use them, but not everyone knows that you can earn in the pictures with certain skills and equipment. To say that everyone can become a stoker can not, everyone has their own talents. But if you have confidence in your abilities, photography is still a hobby for you, not the main work, then try forwarding to the drains.

What is a photo can, microstock?

The exchanges on which operations for the sale of photographs, vector graphics, illustrations are called microstock, photobanks, or photo stocks. Two categories of people work for them. Some exhibit their photos for sale, while others buy licenses to use photos.

Who needs someone else’s pictures? First of all, the owners of sites and forums, as well as bloggers are interested in this. They need high-quality and original photos in order to post them on their website. And for the unique pictures they are willing to pay.

What is the principle of work?

It cannot be said that there should be absolutely no skills. A person who has decided to sell his photos, should understand at least the basics of photography, know such concepts as “angle”, “chiaroscuro” and “sharpness”. Many exchanges, especially the most popular, have very strict requirements, especially for beginners. 

First of all, you need to buy a good camera, as few people will be interested in pictures from the phone, have a decent computer, learn “Photoshop” for photographers and “illustrator” to create vector graphics. Then you need to choose one of the popular microstock. Here is a list of the most popular resources:

TOP – 8 microstock for beginners


Adobe Stock;







In order to get on them, you need to pass the registration and examination. Each photobank it is different, but the principle is the same. Moderators need to send some of their best photos. After verification, they decide whether to allow the photographer to the exchange or not. As you know, not all users pass the exam. But you should not despair, because you can retake it several times. 

After access to the exchange, you can get to work. When shooting each picture a lot of attention is recommended to give perspective, color, highlights. You can edit a photo in Photoshop before sending it, but you shouldn’t change it too much. It is important that the photo was original, because they do not like identical images on microstocks.

What photos to do?

It must be understood that in order for photographs, illustrations to buy, they must carry a commercial value. Boring landscapes, sunsets, cats, flowers – very few people are interested. Before you put a photo on the site, you need to think about what resource this image can be useful. When sending photos to drains, you should not forget about the description of the image and the keywords that should fully reflect the essence of the photo. 

In order for pictures to be successfully sold at microstocks, it is desirable that the portfolio contains from 5,000 or more high-quality and most importantly stock images. The more the better, because there are high chances that the photos will be sold. In addition, the same photo, an illustration can be put up for sale in different photo stocks at the same time.

Another important rule. If there are people in the picture, then in order to put such a photo, you need their written agreement to this and the signature – release of the model. The same applies to intellectual property, private property. This is a mandatory microstock requirement.