Referral and affiliate programs

On the Internet, you can earn good money by taking an active part in referral or affiliate programs. Some Internet users in this regard have achieved great success. Most of this kind of programs, which are arranged by different companies wishing to acquire new customers, are designed for ordinary Internet users.

Partnership programs

To begin with, affiliate programs are programs that are usually used by large companies in order to attract other people to spread information about themselves, their products and services. There are, for example, affiliate programs that only site owners choose as partners. Other “affiliate programs” work with all Internet users.

Affiliate programs for website owners imply different conditions of cooperation. As a rule, having registered in the affiliate program, the site owner receives special banners and other materials with a unique link for placing them on their own Internet resource. The client moving to the partner’s website should make a purchase, order a service, start working and so on. The site owner will receive a fee as a percentage of the company’s profits or the value of the goods. In other words, the more a person spends, the better.

Affiliate programs not for site owners work in exactly the same way. In this case, you can place advertising materials and attract customers not from your own Internet resource, but from other sites, for example from social networks. The more actively you attract customers, the greater will be your income.

Referral programs

Referral programs – in fact, are also affiliate. The difference of the referral program from the usual affiliate program is that here you can recruit customers to the partner system forever. For example, if using a unique link you invite a new user to your partner’s site, he will become your referral forever. All actions of this person associated with the partner’s income will also bring you income. If a person got a certain online job, from the results of which the organizer of the referral program receives a profit, then the percentage of this profit will be charged to you constantly. Thus, if you invite a large number of referrals that will bring money to your partner, you can have a permanent, passive source of income.

Both referral and affiliate programs can make good money, if you show the proper level of activity.